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Cenote Cocalitos Bacalar

Cenote Cocalitos

The Cenote Cocalitos, in the Magical Town of Bacalar, is also known as the Sanctuary of the Stromatolites. It is called that way because of the many stratified type structures that are concentrated there.

Cocalitos is emerging as a unique and incomparable place to admire these curious formations of nature and to spend unforgettable tourist moments in the company of family and friends.

Let’s learn more about the many advantages of vacationing in Bacalar and get to know several of its natural wonders, such as the fascinating Cocalitos cenote.

The experience of knowing the Cenote Cocalitos

Undoubtedly, the best thing about knowing the Cocalitos cenote is related to the stromatolites that are located there. But, what are stromatolites and where does the interest they arouse in locals and tourists stem from?

A true ecotourism wonder in the Mexican Caribbean, the stromatolites are conformations from prehistoric times that can be found in very few places on the planet.

When observed from above the water, they give the appearance of being simple rocks with abundant moss, although in reality they are natural objects of great fragility, for which they should not be touched or stepped on.

The best thing about visiting Cenote Cocalitos in the Mexican Caribbean

At Cocalitos, visitors have relaxation, rest, and recreation in abundance.
Lovers of ecotourism will be fascinated by its many secrets while fans of adventure and outdoor fun can practice kayaking and photography of wild spaces.

This Caribbean natural refuge also has rustic-style restaurants where various appetizers from the national southeast are served.

On the other hand, the swings that are submerged in the water offer us the best panoramic views in this Magical Town. You also have the possibility of going quite far into the lagoon on foot.

Another recreational possibility offered by the site is camping to admire the clean sky full of stars at night.

Why it is essential to visit Cenote Cocalitos in Bacalar

It is important to mention that Cenote Cocalitos is a place of ecotourism enjoyment that is located in a good-sized garden. There, in extensive areas of fresh grass, visitors can settle down with their family, partner or friends to rest, with the help of a towel and an umbrella. It is also convenient to carry a cot in order to have a fuller relaxation.

Numerous visitors take advantage of the visit to the Sanctuary of the Stromatolites to spend it at ease listening to their favorite songs, enjoying nature and having quality family life. Inside the lagoon there are the popular swings and hammocks to rest and take some photos.

The incomparable magic of Cenote Cocalitos

Incomparable and difficult to forget, how pleasant it is is the experience of admiring the stromatolites, the oldest living organisms in the world. In fact, there are only two places in the world with this kind of living fossils and Bacalar is one of them.

The stromatolites are made up of abundant microorganisms that over time – millions of years – have transformed into rocks full of moss.

It is essential to avoid any contact with these delicate prehistoric organisms so as not to damage them. It is enough to admire them from a distance to understand their importance in the ecological balance of the region.

You should also avoid entering the Cenote Cocalitos with creams, sunscreen or body oils. It is better to use biodegradable products that do not affect the environmental purity of this cenote.

How to recognize the Cocalitos Cenote in Bacalar

One of the best leisure activities available in Bacalar is sailing. The experience of touring the most beautiful corners of the Laguna de los Siete Colores aboard a sailboat or a kayak is always stimulating.

A similar level of tourist fun is what a visit to the Cocalitos Cenote offers us. For vacationers it is easy to identify this body of water, since the variation of tonality in its waters towards turquoise is noticed.

What are the services offered by Cenote Cocalitos

To properly prepare a tour to Cenote Cocalitos in Bacalar, it is necessary to know the services offered to visitors. In this sense, the following stand out: kayak, restrooms, restaurant, camping area, parking, boat rides and others.

Cocalitos is located on Avenida Costera in the Magical Town of Bacalar and just a few minutes from Cenote Azul, another ecotourism wonder in the region.

How to visit the Cocalitos Cenote in Quintana Roo

Cenote Cocalitos, the Sanctuary of the Stromatolites, is located in the surroundings of Bacalar.

This last Magical Town is located about 40 kilometers from Chetumal, the capital of the state of Quintana Roo.

This implies a transfer by car of approximately sixty minutes. From the Cancun air terminal there are 333 kilometers of travel by car.

Therefore, for those who plan to vacation in these directions of the Mexican Caribbean, it is advisable to arrive by plane to the city of Chetumal and from this place board some transport that will take them in a short time to the Magical Town of Bacalar.

Valuable information to visit Cenote Cocalitos

Another route widely used by tourists who are out for a tour on the coast of Quintana Roo is to hire a one-day tour from Playa del Carmen or Cancun, although in this case you must be aware that you will have to travel longer.

To get to Cenote Cocalitos from Bacalar, you can use your own car from the center of this Caribbean town and use the Google Maps application as an auxiliary resource. You also have the option of renting a bicycle to get to the resort on your own or by taxi, which implies a small cost of service.

Access to the Cenote Cocalitos requires paying an affordable fee and the service hours at the spa extend from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

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