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Fort of San Felipe Neri Bacalar

Fuerte De San Felipe Neri

The historical background of the Fort of San Felipe Neri – historical construction which is also known as the Castillo de San Felipe – is very interesting. These are valuable references to the past of Bacalar, one of the Magical Towns that Quintana Roo has.

It is advisable to visit this old military stronghold when visiting Bacalar to practice sailing.

The experience of visiting the Fort of San Felipe Neri in Bacalar

The Fort of San Felipe was built in 1725 at the impulse of Antonio de Figueroa y Silva, governor of Yucatan.

This building was created as a kind of fort to carry out military defense actions against the constant attacks of the English pirates.

The construction of the Fort of San Felipe lasted eight years and was completed in 1733.

Why it is advisable to visit the Fort of San Felipe Neri in Bacalar

Outstanding tourist attraction of Bacalar, Quintana Roo, in the fortification of San Felipe, two and a half centuries of historical memories are treasured in this area of the Mexican Caribbean. Knowing the historical museum that currently houses this building is the best way to approach a glorious past where the Mayan indigenous people, Spanish colonizers and pirates from different parts of the world fought.

Likewise, the Fort of San Felipe preserves numerous mysteries and historical references related to the border link that the Mexican Republic has with Belize and other interesting aspects of the local and regional idiosyncrasy.

The Fort of San Felipe Neri in Bacalar and the Lagoon of the Seven Colors

Located on the shores of the Bacalar Lagoon – a body of water of great beauty in the Mexican Caribbean and a great place for sailing -, the Fort of San Felipe is located about 40 kilometers from the capital of Quintana Roo, which is a logistical advantage that deserves to be taken advantage of.

The Fort of San Felipe has a design that was carried out by the Italian Juan Podio. A fascinating detail related to its construction is that it incorporates volcanic stones, marine stones and limestone.

San Felipe has eleven cannons, although in certain periods it had 34 of them.

Historical background of the Fort of San Felipe Neri in Bacalar

Those cannons were located in places like the Baluarte de San José and the Baluarte de Santa Ana. In 1983 the Fort of San Felipe was transformed into a fascinating historical museum.

It was in 2003 when remodeling tasks were carried out in the Fort of San Felipe and taking advantage of the occasion its museum proposal was enriched with modern technologies.

An example of this is the six giant screens it has, on which staging of buccaneer snares in the Bacalar area are projected.

Tips for visiting the San Felipe Neri Fort in Bacalar

It is advisable to hire specialized tours to navigate the Laguna de los Siete Colores, but also to explore the Canal de los Piratas and learn more about the historical background of this Caribbean Magical Town.

In the first stage of its construction, this Caribbean fort included four different bastions called Santa Ana, San Arturo, Santa María and San Joaquín.
All of them integrated into an architectural complex in the shape of a four-pointed star.

It also included a construction that was named Jesús María, which was equipped with a gunpowder store, a room for the commander to stay, a food or supplies store, a room to store weapons and spaces for the troops to stay.

It is advisable to visit the San Felipe Fort Museum in Bacalar for the magnificent panoramic view it offers of this famous body of water in the Mexican Caribbean. It is worth knowing that the fort is located just one block from the lagoon and from this point – and depending on the time of day – you can see its magnificent shades between turquoise and navy blue in the water.

For those who are interested in pirates and their adventures, they will find a lot of information of interest in this magnificent site, which also houses numerous pieces related to the pre-Columbian Mayans, materials from New Spain, weapons, plans, ammunition and ancient objects of great interest.

The tour of the San Felipe Fort Museum requires takes about an hour. When arriving at the center of Bacalar it is very easy to locate it and approach this old construction. And if your hotel is a bit far away, it is always advisable to get there by bicycle.

How do I get to Bacalar?

Bacalar is located about 40 kilometers from Chetumal, the capital of the state of Quintana Roo. This is sixty minutes by car. From the Cancun air terminal, it is a 333 kilometers car trip.

Therefore, for those who plan to vacation in this part of the Mexican Caribbean, it is advisable to arrive by plane to the city of Chetumal and from there board some transport that takes you in a short time to the Magical Town of Bacalar.

Another route widely used by tourists who are on the coast of Quintana Roo is to hire a one-day tour from Playa del Carmen or Cancun, although in this case you must be aware that you will have to travel longer.

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