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Tour the Bacalar Lagoon by sailboat

The Bacalar lagoon, a body of water of the Magical Town of the same name, is also known as the “Laguna de los Siete Colores”. It is a vast water-bearing extension of moderate depth that has light, fairly smooth sand. Visitors can catch a gentle wave in the waters of the lagoon, which produce a showy color due to the composition of its crystals and when in contact with the sun’s rays.

Taking into account its main characteristics, the Bacalar lagoon is a privileged setting for sailing, as we will see in what follows.

The tourist adventure of Bacalar, Quintana Roo

The Laguna de los Siete Colores is integrated into a lagoon complex that is about 55 kilometers long that is linked to the Bay of Bacalar thanks to the Río Hondo estuary and the Chaac estuary. Several hotels and vacation homes have been built in this area, lodging centers that tend to be very crowded on weekends and holidays.

In this great extension of water of the Mexican Caribbean there are areas with some pools and cenotes in which different activities related to scuba diving can be practiced. The moderate depth of these crystalline water deposits makes this sporting pastime and others, such as sailing, safe.

The Bacalar lagoon

The name of this Magical Town of Quintana Roo is related to the Mayan word “Sian Ka’an Bakhalal”, which means “place where the sky is born”. Those who have had the opportunity to visit Bacalar as a tourist plan to practice sailboat navigation, can verify that the ancient Mayans were very right to name this wild paradise that way.

For those who want to enjoy memorable tourist experiences, in a Magical Town of exuberant nature and with aquatic spaces conducive to sailing, there is Bacalar – with its Lagoon of the Seven Colors – an excellent destination to visit.

The Lagoon of Seven Colors and Bacalar, Magical Town

The nickname of Laguna de los Siete Colores is very appropriate to refer to this body of water, especially for the varied shades of turquoise that are generated in its waters under the radiant Caribbean sun.

Located to the south of the Quintana Roo entity, the Bacalar Lagoon offers us a privileged setting for sailing, due to its exceptional wild conditions, the ecological purity that defines the place and the pleasant climate that prevails in the area. For those who wish to enjoy the best nautical experiences during their vacations in the Mexican Caribbean, all they have to do is spend some time in Bacalar, sailing around its famous lagoon.

Tips for tourists in Bacalar and the Mexican Caribbean

It is important to know the references of greatest logistical value to visit the Magical Town of Bacalar without setbacks. Thus, the latter is located about forty kilometers north of the city of Chetumal and about three hundred and thirty-five kilometers from Cancun, the main tourist reference in the region.

Bacalar is a community in Quintana Roo that has several interesting places to visit. One of them is the Fort of San Felipe, an old construction that currently houses an important historical museum; another one is the Temple of San Joaquín, a sacred building built in the 18th century that adorns the architectural panorama of this Magical Town, and also some contemporary Mayan indigenous communities in which ancient traditions and customs are cultivated.

However, the main and authentic tourist jewel of Bacalar is the Laguna de los Siete Colores. The mixture of smooth, light-colored sand and clean waters give the area’s lacustrine environment a special charm. So suggestive is the natural environment that prevails in the Laguna de los Siete Colores, that you can even find a pirate ship, the wreck of one of these old ships, abandoned on the shores of the lagoon. Travelers like to take pictures and explore the surroundings of this nautical vestige.

Sailing in Bacalar, Magical Town

In the depths of the Laguna de los Siete Colores there are three different cenotes that make up a circular cavern that even has a lagoon inside. They are bodies of water that overflowed and that over time made a narrow lagoon appear about forty-two kilometers long and about four kilometers wide in its largest parts.

Another advantage of practicing sailing in the Bacalar lagoon is that it allows us to admire a protected area that has more than 52 thousand hectares which include several mangroves and cenotes that make up a privileged habitat for different species of exotic animals. Colorful fish, birds with rare plumage and different species of animals and plants particular to the Mexican Caribbean make up an irresistible ecosystem for ecotourism purposes.

Why it is worth sailing in the Bacalar Lagoon

Due to its pleasant tropical climate and its transparent waters, the Laguna de los Siete Colores offers tourists and especially sailing enthusiasts, a suitable space for nautical activities. Adventure and enjoyment in the open air is part of what guarantees us a visit to this Caribbean body of water, a true paradise accessible to all visitors.

Tourists have much to enjoy in the clean and undisturbed environment of the Bacalar lagoon.

The latter is a provincial city with a quiet atmosphere located on the shores of the lagoon that we have told you about and that remains immersed in its wild charm, enriched by nautical anecdotes, historical references and legends related to the pre-Columbian Mayans.

Sailing tours through the Laguna de Bacalar allow us to undertake different routes, several of them linked to the canals used by ancient pirates to attack the old Fort of San Felipe, a defensive bastion of the community several centuries ago. Don’t miss out on this amazing shipping experience.

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