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Places of tourist interest near Bacalar

Lugares En Bacalar

Sailing on a sailboat in the Bacalar lagoon is not only one of the best tourist experiences in this Magical Town of Quintana Roo, but also one of the most pleasant vacation experiences that the Mexican Caribbean offers in general. But there is much more to enjoy in Bacalar and also near this town in Quintana Roo.

Below you will find several places of tourist interest near Bacalar. Do not miss out on them and enjoy them during your next vacation in the Mayan world.


The Mayan name of this archaeological site means “House of the Sun”. It is one of the most fascinating pre-Columbian areas to discover in southern Quintana Roo.

Located northwest of the state capital, the city of Chetumal, it is an unmissable attraction for fans of historical tourism and it’s integrated into the Kinichná-Dzibanché complex.


With an area of forty square meters, the Dzibanché site is a pre-Hispanic complex made up of four sets of monumental architecture. One of them is the Principal Group, which is also known as Dzibanché. Another is the Central Complex, also called the Lamay Group.

Finally we have the Kinichná and Tutil complexes, which had particular functions and were linked by the mystical white paths of the Mayans, the so-called sacbés.


It is another of the archaeological sites of the Mayan culture that we advise you to visit from Bacalar, Magical Town of Quintana Roo. Kohunlich was a religious center and settlement of the pre-Columbian Mayan Culture.

Located sixty-five kilometers from the capital of the entity, right in the Río Bec area, it is one of the most interesting attractions to explore for tourism near the Mexico-Belize border.


What most distinguishes this pre-Hispanic area is that it is the largest settlement identified in the area of the lakes. Archaeological work to study the secrets of Chacchoben began in the mid-1990s.

To date, it has been possible to intervene and consolidate a group of buildings of great historical and archaeological relevance. This set comprises approximately seventy hectares.


Completing this series of recommendations about suitable archaeological sites to visit near Bacalar, we must include Oxtankah. It is the most relevant pre-Columbian city in the Bay of Chetumal. The first indigenous groups arrived in Oxtankah around the year 600 BC and remained there until the year 1100. It is an archaeological site of enormous tourist interest that has foundations and architectural structures.


It is time to mention an unmissable vacation corner, which is located about eight kilometers from the city of Chetumal. This is Calderitas, a destination with a paradisiacal atmosphere with local people who are always helpful and attentive to tourists.

Golden Crocodile Cenote

Ecotourism is one of the main pastimes that the Mayan world offers in every vacation opportunity. The exploration of the Quintana Roo cenotes is a fun opportunity that should not be missed.

An ideal alternative in this regard is the Cenote Cocodrilo, located about 110 kilometers from the capital of Quintana Roo. It has an extensive mirror of water and an environment of great natural purity. It is distinguished from other cenotes in the Yucatecan peninsula for being in the lower part of a beautiful mountain range. In the afternoons it is possible to admire large groups of bats in flight, which inhabit the rocky walls of the hills.

Laguna Guerrero

Laguna Guerrero is located just a few kilometers from Chetumal. In the area where this body of crystalline waters is located there are abundant mangroves and of course the environment has great tourist potential.

The site captivates visitors for its rustic projection and for its simple restaurant, in which the main appetizers of the area are prepared.


This is another ecotourism site to visit near the Magical Town of Bacalar. Raudales offers us the best of the banks of Laguna Guerrero, in the vicinity of the Ejido de Ursulo Galván. Visitors will find there a refreshing stream supplied by the Laguna de los Siete Colores. Therefore, tourists have different kinds of water to take baths and enjoy in a big way.

In the area, visitors will find camping areas and grocery stores to buy various products. In vacation periods and holidays, kayaks and boats can be rented to undertake nautical excursions through the lagoon.

Laguna Milagros, Río Hondo, Isla Tamalcab, Banco Chinchorro and Xcalak beach are other of the best tourist spots to visit near Bacalar.

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