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Bacalar Magical Town

Bacalar is a Magical Town of the State of Quintana Roo. Of Mayan origins, this community is outlined before the gaze of the tourist as a perfect place for rest and relaxation. Comfortable palapas and hammocks await us there, but also challenging jungles and excellent areas to practice water sports.

Bacalar comes from the Mayan Bakhalal which means “Near or surrounded by reeds”.

It is a population of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located in the south of its territory about 35 km north of the capital, Chetumal. The climate is hot sub-humid with an average annual temperature of 26°C.

Bacalar is a Magical Town that stands out for its generous offer of places of interest for national and foreign visitors. One of its main attractions is the large lagoon of the same name that extends 50 kilometers long and two wide.

Factors such as the soils of its seabed, the different depths of the water and the varied intensity of the sun’s rays, cause the amazing diversity of blue tones of its lagoon.

With crystal-clear waters, white sand, with parrots, macaws and fish filling the environment with colors and elements to discover such as cenotes and an abandoned ship, Bacalar is one of the best vacation options on the Mexican coast.

At the Bacalar Sailing Club, fans of nautical activities use tourist boats to take tours of the lagoon or can rent equipment for diving or kayaking.

Blue Cenote

It is a large body of water with a diameter greater than 300 meters and a depth of 90 meters. It is excellent for practicing diving, snorkeling, swimming and diving, since it has numerous underwater caverns and several submerged geological accidents, worthy of contemplation.

San Felipe Fort

Built in 1729 for defensive purposes, against the attacks of pirates and buccaneers who stalked the community with their boats from the waters of the Caribbean, the Fort of San Felipe is a historic place, the scene of battles against the English invasions. The Piracy Museum is housed in this old building, with its interesting collection of the region’s past.

Other attractions of Bacalar

Impossible not to recommend the Temple of San Joaquín, built in the 18th century, in colonial times and although it was recently restored, it preserves its original charm. No less attractive is the House of Culture, with a mansion dating from the 19th century. Dance, poetry, theater, regional dance workshops and other activities related to art and culture are offered there.

Finally, we recommend visiting the Main Square, with its picturesque central kiosk and green areas, an excellent place to rest and enjoy its provincial atmosphere and Mayan communities in the vicinity such as Buenavista and Limones, rustic, captivating and raised in an environment of abundant gaps.

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