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“I enjoyed it a lot, what a good atmosphere…”

I had planned to celebrate my birthday in Playa del Carmen or Cancun. In the end I decided to go with my cousins ​​to different places in Quintana Roo so as not to visit the same places as always. That is how we arrived at Bacalar, one of the Magical Towns of the Mexican Caribbean.

We had the best time, especially for the sailboat rides. The Bacalar Lagoon is big and beautiful and we had a lot of fun with the sailboat rides. There are tours for all tastes, some last an hour and a half and others up to six hours.

These are tours that allow us to know the best places in the area. We had a lot of fun swimming in the channel and observing the stromatolites in the area. The truth is that I really enjoyed the experience, what a good atmosphere Bacalar has!…

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